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WebHostingPad Coupon “LOVE” – Extra $25 Savings

Filed in WebHostingPad Coupon by on January 21, 2013
WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF
Use WebHostingPad Coupon "LOVE" To Save Extra $25 OFF (3 Years Plans or Above)
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WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF – A General Review

WebhostingPad offers low-cost fees on their web hosting services. You will pay as low as $1.99 per month on WebhostingPad shared and VPS accounts. That’s not all, hosting price with this web host gets even lower when you take advantage of WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF to subscribe. The company has a reputation in the industry. It has attracted some awards and currently hosts 200,000 domains on its account. With over 6 years experience in the web hosting industry, you can substantially rely on the company’s web hosting experience.


Who Can Take Advantage of the WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF?

Perhaps you are wondering if the discount offer from WebhostingPad is for you or not. Well, welcome to the right section of this article that explains who can take advantage of the $25 OFF discount.

The discount coupon is open to different categories of people;

An Individual: If you simply want to host your own personal websites for different purposes, the $25 discount offer is for you. So, whether you want to host information-based website to promote your business or for other purposes, the discount offer provides you with more affordable web hosting than ever. You can choose between Shared Hosting and VPS – you will learn about these hosting accounts later.

A Business Owner: looking for an opportunity to promote and host your small or medium scale business online? This discount offer is for you as well. It presents you with an increased cost-effective web hosting benefit. If you prefer a sort of customized web hosting services, the VPS option will match your choice. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy some resources as though you are using dedicated servers. Luckily, the discounted price also applies to this semi-executive web hosting. The Shared Hosting Option enables you to access tons of quality features shared among other users on the server.

A Newbie: Perhaps you are just considering web hosting for the first time, and you are wondering if WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF can be extended to you. Sure, the discounted price is available for novice web hosting consumers – no extra charges and no hidden charges are involved. Also, all the Unlimited and General Hosting Features obtainable at the full hosting price will be completely available for you. They include unlimited domains hosting, unlimited bandwidth usage, unlimited disk storage space, free domain name, US-Based customer support, network monitoring and more.

A Savvy Consumer

You can also benefit from WebHostingPad $25 discount if you’ve been a webmaster all along. In essence, if you are not satisfied with your present web host’s hosting services, you can transfer your hosting account to WebhostingPad at no extra cost using the $25 discount. The company promises quick and safe transfer of your domains and websites from its present platform to WebhostingPad.

Or, it could be that your domains are scattered on different web hosting platforms and you are finding it difficult to manage them. If this is your case, you can take advantage of the discount offer to host all of your domains (no matter how many they are) on a single WebhostingPad hosting account. The company operates Unlimited Domains hosting, it is one of the several Unlimited Features available with WebhostingPad packages and plans.

What Hosting Packages are Available?

WebhostingPad basically offers Shared Hosting and VPS hosting, and each of these hosting accounts come with tons of features.

WebHostingPad Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a popular account on any web hosting account. It is the most affordable web hosting account and can even get more affordable on WebhostingPad account when you sign up with the $25 discount offer.

So, what’s Shared Hosting? It simply means that the hosting resources available are shared among several users.  This is because the shared hosting account uses one server to provide services to everyone on the shared hosting account. So, virtually all the resources such as CPU and memory devices are shared among other people listed on the account. There are wide ranges of resources and features to enjoy when using a Shared Hosting service.

WebHostingPad VPS Hosting

VPS is a short form for Virtual Private Server.  This web hosting solution is best suited for users who prefer the scalability and customizability of a completely dedicated service without paying the hosting price involved with dedicated servers.

If your websites are intended for business and ecommerce purposes, WebHostingPad VPS account would be an ideal option for you. Also, if your website requires additional resources than you can get from Shared Hosting, the VPS will be a good option for you. The company offers this hosting account option in partnership with VPSDepot.

There are three plans under the VPS hosting category;

  1. Beginners Plan: this attracts $9.95 per month and will get cheaper with the $25 OFF discount. The plan is best suited for someone who is just getting started with VPS hosting.
  2. Professional Plan: this is valued at $24.95/month. Excellent plan for small and medium scale business owners. It is also great for high traffic sites.
  3. Premium Plan: available for $39.95 per month and can get cheaper with the discount offer.

Get the best out of web hosting with WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF.